The Jamestown Trail concept plan seeks to provide an engaging, nature-based activity for park visitors of all ability levels and trail users. The plan proposes shared-use, traditional trails for use by both mountain bikers and pedestrian users along with mountain bike-optimized trails that enhance the experience of riding a mountain bike. A diversity of trail difficulty levels is presented, ranging from easiest (white) to more difficult (blue). Technical features can be added alongside the trails to provide increased challenge desired by skilled riders. With this diversity of difficulty, the trails provide a desired experience for mountain bikers of wide-ranging ability levels – especially those at the beginner and intermediate level. This community-centric design allows riders to gradually build the skills necessary for more challenging trails. In summary the plan presents approximately 8.4 miles of singletrack trails.

The site’s gentle slopes at the base of the hill along provide ideal conditions for mountain bike amenities. Nearest the interstate and adjacent to the northeast agricultural field, a skills area/pump park (160,000 sq.ft.) and skills development area (16,000 sq. ft.) is shown on the concept plan. The northern skills area/pump park will provide an engaging recreational amenity to visitors on bikes at a higher skill and comfort level, while the southern skills area will cater toward the skills progression for beginner and intermediate riders. The skills areas are envisioned with a mix of features including bridges, rollers, rock gardens, and other features to provide progressively more challenging trail elements. These features help riders increase bike handling and balance skills which help them ride and enjoy the other trails in the network.


Trails like these are special. But they require both time and financial resources to complete. Our team is committed to putting in and pulling together the time. We are asking you, the community, to help us reach a financial goal of $500,000 to make this trail happen.

How you can help make the trail in Jamestown a reality:

  • Your individual donation, no amount is too small!
  • Many employers have giving programs; suggest the trail in Jamestown as a recipient!
  • We are looking for a broad range of business sponsorships! See levels of sponsorship shown below.
  • If your business is uniquely positioned to donate in-kind with materials and services please contact us!
    • Materials and fabrication of bridges
    • Materials and construction of parking lot
    • Materials and construction of changing stations
  • Trusts and foundation sponsorship or private donation opportunities.
The trail in Jamestown fundraising update banner
Item Amount QTY
Name the Trail $150,000 1
Name the Skills Park $75,000 1
Name a Segment $25,000 8
Sponsor the Parking Lot $15,000 4
Sponsor a Bridge $15,000 5
Sponsor a Changing Station/Bathroom $5,000 4
Sponsor a Bench $4,000 10
Sponsor a Kiosk (large logo) $1,000 20
Sponsor a Kiosk (small logo) $500 20
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Current sponsors


Jamestown team

Kerry Bairski
Jen Jones
Joe Lampen
Ted Schneider
Kirk Walter

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