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New Jamestown map from Rock Solid!

Jamestown x Rock Solid map

Check out the latest Jamestown Trail map from our friends at Rock Solid! The highlighted area (bottom left) is the location for the skills area we hope to build this fall via the raising of $50,000 by 4/15/23. The stoke level is high – thanks for everyone’s support. Don’t forget the open house opportunity on 3/25/23!

Jamestown x Rock Solid map

Jamestown Update March 2023

Jamestown x RockSolid plans

Tour the property on March 25th at 9am! Unique opportunity for a guided tour of the Jamestown Trail property. Check out our many awesome ravines and walk portion(s) of the flagged trail. The trail head address is adjacent to an electrical substation; park in the road (parking is legal) and meet in the open area adjacent to the substation. Printed maps will be available. You won’t be disappointed – see you there! RSVP on Facebook here:

Over the winter we’ve made some exciting progress and have some awesome news to share!

1. We have been in discussions with RockSolid Trail Contracting, a premier trail builder known for their work in Bentonville & Copper Harbor, to build the Jamestown trail. RockSolid was contracted to come onsite in early December for pre-build design planning. We will be sharing the RockSolid Jamestown detailed plan will be shared in the very near future.

2. Through incredible support from the community and valuable partners, we have raised $154,000 to date, 20% of the funding required to build the full RockSolid Jamestown design. The trail team is excited to announce our intentions to bring RockSolid Trail Contracting onsite this fall to begin construction of a connector trail from the parking lot to a skills area that will be unique to west Michigan. WE NEED YOUR HELP to raise an additional $50,000 by April 15th 2023 to secure RockSolid’s construction crews for this fall. The initial work will showcase the unique terrain and give both our riders and potential donors a taste of what to expect for the entire loop.

3. We are going to be hosting a site walk for the community / potential funding partners at the site on March 25th at 9am. This will be a short walk into the property with some show and tell of the area of the skills park and what types of features will be included with the build. We will also show visitors the incredible scenery, vistas, and potential of this property with the goal to increase awareness for fundraising opportunities. Details of this event will be posted at and on our FB page.

4. Help us raise an additional $50,000 by April 15th to make the work this fall a reality – let’s get this built! Contributions can be made to the, designating the Jamestown project or contacting us directly at Know someone, an organization or a company that might help us reach our $50,000 goal? If so, please reach out to us! Thanks in advance for your support to build this amazing trail system!

Jamestown x RockSolid plans

The trail in Jamestown Fundraising Progress Report!

The trail in Jamestown fundraising update banner

Thanks to some incredible partners we have made some exciting progress in the past 6 weeks!  We are happy to report that we have raised 25% of our total fundraising goal and 50% to a phase 1 build!  If we can raise the remaining amount for the phase 1 build there is a chance we can see trail this year, but we need your help!

Hot off the presses! New Jamestown Trail Plans Unveiled, Fundraising Efforts Begin – $500K Target

Our newsletter went out this morning, detailing fundraising efforts for the trail in Jamestown! Check it out along with the attached official press release; more details at!

The PDF can be viewed and/or downloaded here.

So long, 2021!

As we get ready to ring in yet another new year, it’s time to take a couple minutes to remember what MEMBAs were able to accomplish in 2021! And as a reminder: MEMBA is a 501c3 organization run completely by volunteers and supported by donations (and membership)! If you’re looking to finish off the year with some good deeds but not quite sure MEMBA is the right place for them, read on.

What’s coming up in MEMBA-land

You may have noticed that the blog here has been pretty silent…that’s because we’re out riding, digging, and, well, mostly clearing trees as of late! But there is a lot going on in the coming days, so let’s get it all out there!

Jamestown Design Update: Part Two

Trail design has officially kicked off! Chris Orr from IMBA Trail Solutions has been on the ground since late last week, scouring the property for the best lines. Some of the MEMBA team joined Chris for the initial site walk and there continues to be a ton of work going on behind the scenes to keep this thing moving. Exciting times, more soon!

Jamestown Design Update!

Spring is here and that means that JAMESTOWN DESIGN IS COMING! Chris Orr from IMBA is scheduled to be in town and work some magic in late April. It’s happening folks! Just in case you need a reason to be more excited about this project, check out this article Freehub Magazine wrote about Chris. Stay tuned!

Jamestown Trail Update

Targeting 5-7 miles of professionally built single track on approximately 150 wooded acres featuring multiple large ravines.

  • MEMBA has contracted with the International Mountain Biking Association for trail design (early 2021) via initial funding.
  • A project team is in place consisting of Ted Schneider, Joe Lampen, Kerry Bairski, Kirk Walter, Aaron Jones, Tim Lampen, & Jen Jones.

How can you help this trail get built?

  • Join / contribute to Michigan’s Edge to support initial expenses for the project.
  • We seek individuals to assist the team with our upcoming capital campaign for this project. Contact us at

Future updates will be posted here and on Facebook as they become available!