Freeze/thaw & Owasippe is OPEN!

While the trails may be perfect right now,

we have a warm weekend ahead which is a recipe for trail damage! Please stay off the trails if the weather warms up to the point where tires are leaving ruts. Want to dive deeper into freeze/thaw? MMBA and both have excellent, detailed posts about it.

Recently-built trail is especially fragile during freeze/thaw periods.

That being said, many of our local trails employ the miracle of sand! Lots of sand. Trails like Mosquito Creek (Faz Track), Riley, and Owasippe will be your best bet in these conditions. Bass and Upper Mac are better off avoided until the temps drop back down.

Speaking of Owasippe, today’s the day! Keep an eye out for rogue branches, etc. if you’re making the trip this weekend as the trails haven’t been ridden in a while. If you happen to come across something needing attention, West Michigan Trail Conditions on Facebook and Trailforks are great places to report! Head over to the OECC to get parking straightened out beforehand.