Mosquito Creek Trails

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2190 Maple Island Rd
Twin Lake, MI 49457

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Whether visitors are seeking a serene walk or snowshoe through the woods, a heart pounding two-hour mountain bike adventure, a 10k trail run, or a pristinely groomed fatbike trail, the Mosquito Creek Trails will be the regions go to MULTI-use trail system. The 500-acre project in central Muskegon County is highlighted by the forested valley of Mosquito Creek. This collaborative recreation improvement project is spearheaded by Muskegon County and Michigan’s Edge Mountain Biking Association. Premier trail professionals have designed sustainable trails for all interest and skill levels of trail users. The trail system will include six trails with 3.35 miles of beginner trails, 6.11 miles of intermediate trail, and 1.5 miles of advanced trail. a “Gerber Foundation strider loop” will also be constructed.

The 550-acre project area in central Muskegon County, located approximately 4 miles north of M46/Apple avenue intersection at 2190 N. Maple Island Rd, is highlighted by the forested valley of Mosquito Creek. Michigan’s EDGE mountain bike club contracted Dirt Artisans of Covington, KY to develop the design and build multi-use, sustainable trails on the Mosquito Creek Parcel in Muskegon County, Michigan in 2017.


Project Partners

Michigan’s Edge Mountain Bike Association (MEMBA) 

MEMBA members saw the potential of the Mosquito Creek Trail System – and the organization has facilitated the project design, partnerships, fundraising, and will ensure its completion.

While MEMBA builds and maintains trails in this region, a project this size would take far too long for a volunteer organization to complete.  The construction of a permanent trail that is both environmentally sustainable, as well as, desirable to use with a “fun factor” consisting of many interesting twists, turns and features requires much more planning, thought and nuanced building techniques. The estimated cost ranges per linear foot to build the Mosquito Creek Trail are in-line with other trail systems which have been recently constructed in the Midwest. For design, MEMBA secured the services of a professional design-build team, Dirt Artisans and Applied Trails Research.

Muskegon County

Muskegon County has partnered with MEMBA for the trail development at Mosquito Creek. No tax payer dollars will go toward project development

Muskegon County Community Foundation

The Community Foundation for Muskegon County was created in 1961 by local residents to improve the quality of life in their communities. A publicly supported community endowment, the Foundation works with donors, grantees, advisers, and communities to identify and support the issues that shape our area. This project is made possible in part by a grant from the Community Foundation for Muskegon County.

Grand Haven Area Community Foundation

The Grand Haven Area Community Foundation is our community’s charitable foundation where we connect people, support programs, and lead change to help the community thrive. We help improve and enhance the quality of life by promoting a healthy, inclusive, and diverse community.

West Michigan Coast Riders

The West Michigan Coast Riders cycling club is a West Michigan-based organization that is passionate about promoting health and fitness through the sport of cycling. Our members enjoy and promote cycling in all its forms with skill and fitness levels ranging from beginners to expert-level racers.

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