Michigan’s Edge Mountain Bike Association

Spring ‘19 – The West Michigan mountain bike community is gaining ground for access.

Don’t ride mud! Keep the community and others in mind during the early season/mud season, so that all may enjoy when things dry out for riding your local trails.

And, if it’s an option, please consider a donation to one of your favorite trails as a way to pay it forward to friends and family – thank you in advance!

2019 Featured Trail – Mosquito Creek – Muskegon County

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Good Afternoon!

The Michigan’s Edge Mountain Biking Association (MEMBA) would like to invite you to the annual Member’s Meeting being held at Muskegon State Park on Saturday Evening, November 11th. The evening will consist of a group ride at 6:00pm on the cross country ski trail, followed by the members meeting at 7:00pm in the “Lodge”.

In the meeting the board will provide:

  1. updates on a new trail opportunity in Muskegon;
  2. updates on existing trails;
  3. a budget update on the chapter;
  4. a vote on board members for 2018 (see note below) by our current members;
  5. discussion on how members can help promote mountain biking in our area.

We expect the meeting portion to last about an hour to respect everyone’s time.

Our current board is made up of:

  • Randy Knapp: President
  • Mark Kappel: Vice-President
  • Dayna Schoenmaker: Secretary
  • Andrew Stevens: IT/Social Media
  • Joe Lampen: Treasurer
  • Julia Miller: Member at Large
  • Tim Bochenek: Member at Large

The MEMBA Bylaws allow for up to 10 Board Members. The 7 current members will automatically be on the ballot. If you would like to nominate someone (or yourself) to be placed on the ballot for the 2018 Board of Directors, please email Randy Knapp (ThorMTB@comcast.net) AND Joe Lampen (membatreasurer@gmail.com) with the name(s) by Friday, November 10th. 

We look forward to riding and talking with you in a couple of weeks!


Michigan’s Edge Mountain Biking Association Board

West Michigan mountain bike rides for all levels of riders. Explore the mitten’s edge.

OUR MISSION:  MEMBA promotes, protects, and preserves the West Michigan off road mountain bike experience through advocacy, education, and professional trail building.

Michigan’s Edge Mountain Bike Association(MEMBA) is a 501(C)(3) charitable non-profit corporation.


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