It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Winter is upon us and we can’t wait to get out and groom some trail! Together with our pals over at the WMMBA, we offer a plethora of options for fatbiking in western Michigan. There are 9 total groomed options with a handful of others that will get ridden-in on their own.

MEMBA groomed trails: Riley, Mosquito Creek, Owasippe (closed indefinitely as of 1/1/21), & Bass River

WMMBA groomed trails: Merrell, The Dragon, Yankee Springs, Indian Trails, & Cannonsburg Ski Area (head over to for more info)

? Dave Peterson, Bass River

Grooming reports: We’ll be posting reports as frequently as possible here on as soon as we start grooming. West Michigan Trail Conditions on Facebook and Trailforks are other good spots to look for updates.

Want to help? Of course you do! Most of these options are free and while our volunteers genuinely love doing the work, equipment and gas is not free! First: join us! Join MEMBA here and WMMBA here. Done that and still looking to offer more support? Donate!

What else? Show us the photos! What does a group of volunteers love more than seeing folks enjoy the result of their hard work? Nothing. Tag us wherever you’re posting and make our day.

No snow or looking to take a trip? Our friends up north tend to hit the snow jackpot and have a bunch of awesome fatbiking options as well; check them out over at