Winter trail report: 1/29

Mosquito Creek

  • The Faz Track – groomed 1/28: smooth and rippin’
  • Orangesicle – groomed 1/28: still working on a base; rideable but you’re gonna work!
  • The Matrix – ridden-in pretty well, skinny track

Bass River

  • Groomed 1/25: lots of snow and cold temps are keeping it fairly soft, but great conditions out there


  • Yet to be groomed: plenty bike and foot traffic has it packed well, albeit a little bumpy; may get groomed this weekend.


  • Still closed indefinitely. We’re hopeful that we’ll be back out there this winter!

Upper Mac

  • Not an “official” winter trail, but it’s open and there are at least a couple tracks ridden-in!
Ryan Smith on Strava