Winter trail report: 2/5

SNOW! It’s cooling off quickly, but we’re working diligently to get all this packed in as the temps drop. Get out and enjoy it this weekend! Bundle up and stay safe, especially on Sunday with wind chills below zero all day.

Mosquito Creek

From Mark: “It was absolutely gorgeous in the woods. The fresh snow was heavy in the trees and still wet enough to pack nicely. As the temps drop Mosquito Creek trail should firm up nicely for this weekend. With so many limbs hanging low it was tough to follow the trail!”

  • The Faz Track – groomed 2/5 11am
  • Orangesicle – groomed 2/5 11am
  • The Matrix – not groomed; no hearty souls have reported as of this post

Bass River

  • Planning to groom tomorrow evening, 2/6


  • Groomed 1/31 and some tracks were ridden-in mid snow storm


  • Closed, but we have a date! 2/27 per BSA

Upper Mac

  • No reports yet; prepare for a slow-goin’ workout if you’re headed that way and let us know how it goes!

Main post photo 📷 Brian Dokter @ Riley