2020 Round-up: The Stats

A look back at MEMBA trails by the numbers in 2020.

Nobody needs to hear about how 2020 went a little differently than planned, so let’s skip it and talk about the good stuff! This is the first in a series of posts about what was accomplished at MEMBA trails in 2020. So let’s get right into it and talk some stats!

Total ridelogs4,9013,219+52%
Unique riders373239+53%
Trails ridden12,3448,764+41%
Avg time moving1:14:5001:19:00-4 min, 10 sec
Trails per ride33
Total distance68,771 mi45,376 mi+52%
Total time7,635 hrs6,363 hrs+20%
Data from Trailforks

Wow! Multiple stats with 50%+ increases is amazing! One thing to point out initially is that while Trailforks data isn’t a great way to get a sense of total use, there is enough data to make the difference stats worthwhile.

Breakdown by trail

Upper Mac1,047971+8%
Mosquito Creek631200+216%
Bass River360203+77%
Allegan SGA11151+118%
Shore Acres7728+175%
Data from Trailforks

Whoa, what the heck happened at Mosquito Creek? Oh yeah, Matrix opened up at the end of 2019 and it is sweet. Something tells me MC may be challenging for the top spots on the leader board in 2021…

It looks like word got out about the amazing care being taken by the team at Bass! Owasippe fans definitely took advantage of the 2020 situation allowing the trail to be open for the summer. Upper Mac and Riley saw modest bumps to their already high traffic and it’s great to see considerably more folks getting out and exploring Allegan and Shore Acres!

Lakeshore Mountain Biking Sisters at Upper Mac

9 miles of new trail…

Without building any trail! Bass and Riley became new trails, provided you show up on the right day. Both trails now feature directional-by-day signage that was completed thanks to a lot of hard work by the respective trail teams, volunteers, and their coordination with the DNR and Ottawa County Parks. Also shout out to MC for going from bidirectional to directional-by-day in 2020!

All in all

With 2020 in the rear view, it’s not hard to see how much value trails bring to our community. It is, however, tough to thank the folks involved in making it that way enough! Members, volunteers, community: thank you!

Next up: we’ll be diving deeper into individual trails as we continue recapping 2020.

Main post photo: ? Josh VerHage at Bass River