Michigan’s Edge Mountain Biking Association

Looking to lend a hand at your local trails? ‘Tis the season! We hosted a trail day at Shore Acres last weekend and have two more, Mosquito Creek and Beechwood, on the docket for this weekend!

First up: Shore Acres!

While we continue to work toward getting a more thorough improvement plan together, might as well work with what already exists out there! A small-but-mighty crew kicked off their Memorial Day weekend by cleaning up some nasty erosion ruts, starting to unearth the two main jump lines, and scoping out the confusing areas of singletrack for new signage. It’s hard to do too much with the lack of rain we’ve seen, but everything is more rideable than it was and work will be ongoing!

No reason to let a cool setup sit unused while we plan for the long term future of the park! We’re working to get these two lines cleared off, running well, then assess the situation from there. There’s a bunch of cool stuff hidden under the grass on the left side of the photo too!

Next: Mosquito Creek!

In case you haven’t heard, the MC project is nearing completion! This is an incredible landmark and the first of its kind for MEMBA. The last section of trail, which will double the mileage of the trail system, was roughed in by Dirt Artisans in the fall and volunteers have been tirelessly building puncheon bridges along it since. Dirt Artisans have been back for the past week or so finishing it up, and volunteers will be back on the trail this Friday doing some handwork.

Lastly: Beechwood!

The newest (for now…) trail on the lakeshore will soon be at Beechwood Church in Holland! This one’s going to be hand-built which means: we need your hands! The MEMBA crew has been busy flagging the first loop and doing some preliminary clearing ahead of the trail day this Saturday from 3-6pm.

Looking to help out, but don’t know where to start? Joining MEMBA is a great first step! Drop us a line at hello@ridememba.com or on Facebook and we’ll talk about how you can get involved!

Who turned off the winter machine?? It’s incredible to think about how much snow was still on the ground this time last week. We hope you got to show some skin early this week and are now extra amped for an amazing spring. Everything is “closed” for now, but if this sunshine keeps up that’ll change before ya know it! Thanks for riding along with us this winter and spending thousands of dark, cold, sunny, snowy, glorious hours out at the trails. Be sure to thank a groomer if you see them!

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Nobody needs to hear about how 2020 went a little differently than planned, so let’s skip it and talk about the good stuff! This is the first in a series of posts about what was accomplished at MEMBA trails in 2020. So let’s get right into it and talk some stats!

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