Winter trail report: 2/19

Snow and a bit of a warmup mean fantastic conditions ahead!

Snow and a bit of a warmup mean fantastic conditions ahead!

Mosquito Creek

  • From Mark: Mosquito Creek has fresh groomed corduroy on Faz Track, Gerber Loop and Orangesicle. They will most likely all be a little soft today (2/19) but should firm up nicely for the weekend. They will get even better with more riders. Enjoy!

Bass River

  • Bass has been groomed 4 times this week, each only requiring slightly less effort than the last. Monumental effort from Jeff to get such a great winter riding spot rolling with the difficult conditions!
  • From Chuck: Bass River has been groomed, thanks Jeff. It will still likely need to be rode in and will be softer on any of the inclines. The rokon could not pull the drag uphill, so Jeff had to detach and pull himself. Don’t expect a hardpacked trail yet. It will likely be groomed sometime this weekend during the warm up. PS, the trailhead is not accessible, even with four wheel drive. The connector has not been groomed. Either park at Riverside Park and ride the two track to Bass, snowmobiles have made a path, or park at end of Sleeper st.
Quite a week for the ol’ workhorse!
It’s getting there!


  • Traffic-packed, a little soft, and a fairly skinny tire track; prepare for an adventure!


  • Closed, opening 2/27 per BSA

Upper Mac

  • No updates