Winter trail report: 2/26

Wow, what a change a week can make! Here we are, still a ton of snow, but highs of 30-40+ degrees with no sign of letting up. However, most nights are cooling off to offer some adventurous sunrise rides if you’re up for it! Also, remember, we’re in Michigan and it’s not even March yet. Don’t call it a comeback!

Mosquito Creek

  • Not much specific to report here, no grooming plans for the currently forecast future. If you’re thinking spring, check out the phase III features campaign!

Bass River

  • Bass ended up with a decent base, so it’s likely some form of rideable with cool temps! There’s plenty to explore outside of the mtb trails there too.


  • Groomer’s down and haven’t seen any reports; likely lots of foot traffic remnants.


  • Owasippe opens back up tomorrow! There has been some grooming going on during the closure, so there is hope yet! Report back if you give it a go. Parking passes (day and season) can be purchased ahead of time over at

Upper Mac

  • It was snowshoed so…maybe? Send pics if you do 🙃