Winter trail report: 3/5

Welcome to March! Don’t let the sunshine fool you, the cold temps at night are keeping things “rideable” as long as you’re up for an adventure (and/or have studded tires)! Get out there in the morning or after things have firmed up at night (#dontbeaturd) to get some more rides in before spring-thaw-no-go time.

ALSO: don’t forget to sign up for the Silver Lake pilot rides next weekend and get your MEMBA jersey order in before it closes on 3/15!

Mosquito Creek

Bass River

📷 Josh VerHage on Wednesday night


  • “If you are really itching for a ride and have studded tires, check out Riley trails tomorrow morning for an adventure.! 🚵🏻‍♂️💪🏽🙌🏼It’s getting too slushy and some of the areas for an afternoon ride, but the overnight freeze should make for a nice firm trail/ice ribbon in the morning. 😳😁50% ice, 35% turkey ice, 15% sand.” Steve Spitters, West Michigan Trail Conditions on Facebook
    • #turkeyice


  • “Owasippe fat bike loop is rolling good right now. It’s a little bumpy here and there but not bad. Our grooming snowmobile is broken or I would have smoothed it out today. It should be excellent EARLY tomorrow morning before it gets to warm. It will not be groomed again this year so don’t be a turd and ride when it’s above freezing. Hit it early if your going to.” Rob Richardson, West Michigan Trail Conditions on Facebook
    • #dontbeaturd
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Upper Mac

  • No reports