Winter trail report farewell: 3/12

Who turned off the winter machine?? It’s incredible to think about how much snow was still on the ground this time last week. We hope you got to show some skin early this week and are now extra amped for an amazing spring. Everything is “closed” for now, but if this sunshine keeps up that’ll change before ya know it! Thanks for riding along with us this winter and spending thousands of dark, cold, sunny, snowy, glorious hours out at the trails. Be sure to thank a groomer if you see them!

ALSO: don’t forget to sign up for the Silver Lake pilot rides THIS WEEKEND and get your MEMBA jersey order in before it closes on MONDAY!

Here are some stats:

Mosquito Creek136840
Bass River130394
Upper Mac3194
Allegan SGA55
Allegan MTB Park17
Shore Acres11
Winter 2021 data from Strava