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So long, 2021!

As we get ready to ring in yet another new year, it’s time to take a couple minutes to remember what MEMBAs were able to accomplish in 2021! And as a reminder: MEMBA is a 501c3 organization run completely by volunteers and supported by donations (and membership)! If you’re looking to finish off the year with some good deeds but not quite sure MEMBA is the right place for them, read on.

Beechwood Trail Day #2

Saturday 7/24/21 8am-12pm

Come help finish off loop 1 of 3 and get a start on loop 2 of the new Beechwood trail! The trail is designed by the coordinators at Upper Mac (Jeff & Brian) and we’re working to complete the 4 miles of heavily wooded trail this fall incorporating rolling hills, fun elevation changes, small ravines, & a creek.

Check out some progress shots of the trail after the first trail day!